"Our solutions on blockchain technology are built to revolutionize your business"

We design & build digital blockchain solutions with perfection in mind.


Today's situation

Today, blockchain technical developments are changing the way the world is organized. Like the Internet over 20 years ago, blockchain will massively and rapidly transform our lives.   Evoblox aims at facilitating and accompanying companies in the crucial change. Our team offers simple tools that does not require any technical knowledge, to allow any company over the world, from very small to large, to be able to take the blockchain turn and be a precursor in their field.

Our Mission

We simplify, accelerate and secure business with blockchain products.

Our consulting team develops use cases for Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and delivers them.

We accelerate the productization of industry platforms and make them ready for large scale client adoption.

We focus on All-in-one solutions using blockchain technology, traceability, ticketing, payment, healthcare and more.

Our Vision
We understand blockchain technology and have the expertise to build solutions that can easily integrate into existing business processes and systems.
We aim to lessen the burden on organizations wanting to adopt blockchain technology.
At Evoblox, we envision that every product or service application will run on some form of blockchain technology. Our united passion and vision will ensure we become one of the best service providers in the world.
Data is a hot topic in today’s digital ecosystem. Data management on Electra Protocol blockchain gives organizations peace of mind that their data will be safe.
Powered by Electra Protocol

The Electra Protocol Blockchain is our blockchain of choice. This highly efficient blockchain offers competitive advantages to all our clients. It uses a highly sophisticated algorithm that undergoes continuous development to incorporate the latest emerging technology trends.

This blockchain provides instant secure transactions, which is highly cost-efficient. Smart contracts add layers of information to digital transactions. They encode business logic, thus allowing applications to run on the blockchain. Another advantage is that it is extremely environmentally friendly as it requires the lowest energy resources to operate.

Our products, which run on this protocol, offer solutions for automating processes for a wide variety of business sectors. Several products already exist today, mainly for the financial industry. We are expanding our product offering every day, and with smart contracts, we can expand even more.

Evoblox is a representative of Electra Protocol and member of         

Evoblox is part of the SIL Surselva Impact Lab

What We Do

01Traceability & Smart Contracts​
02Data Processing & NFTs
04Online Shop Payment
05Physical Stores Payment
06B2B Payments

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